Dead Silence

Dead Silence

I stare out the window. The room is empty; the house is dead silent. There’s no one here. No one; but me. There’s nothing to this death silence. There’s no noise, no music, no footsteps, and no sound. Yet there’s a thousand voices banging through my head. Even then, it’s like I don’t hear a sound.

Everything’s jumbled together. Words collide and feelings are a tangled mess; thoughts are unheard of and ideas are unspoken about. Even through this racket that is life, I don’t want to give up.

Even through this silence, I can still hear their fighting voices. I can still hear their hurtful words and hatred-filled tones. I can still hear their hate, their despair, their hurt, their cries for help. But I can’t help. I can’t resolve everything and make a solution out of nothing. I can’t tell them that everything’s going to be okay. I can’t say that I’m going to be okay. I can’t do anything. I can’t help.

But I want to. I want to do something. I want to be able to. I want to be…someone…to someone. So why can’t I?

Why isn’t there someone that stands by me through this? Why isn’t there someone who would just hold my hand? Why isn’t there someone to tell me to be strong, and say it’s going to be okay? Why isn’t there someone here who loves me, even though I feel like hating myself? Why don’t’ I have a hero in this situation? Why aren’t you here?

My tears fall down. My cries are silent as the noise drowns out the sound. I fall down and break, but no one knows and no hears of my pain.


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