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Luck. Would it be called that? “Luck”? Having someone accept you for who you are, and love you anyways? Having someone know almost every bit and detail of you and still think they know nothing? Having them look at you … Continue reading

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Fire VS Water

When people say, you need to be flexible like water, or go with the flow, or anything like that. I get what they are saying. But I’d rather be like a flame than water. Why? Fires can flicker in the … Continue reading

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Our First Hang Out

It was the first time we hung out as a group. There were so many things to worry about when I planned it. On the last few days before the hangout, you jumped to conclusions about the situation everyone was … Continue reading

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Old Friends

Have you ever had a friend you told everything to? Someone you spent nearly every waking minute with at school? Someone you knew you could always call up and talk to? Someone who was always there? Someone you trusted, not … Continue reading

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