Fire VS Water

Fire VS Water

When people say, you need to be flexible like water, or go with the flow, or anything like that. I get what they are saying. But I’d rather be like a flame than water. Why?

Fires can flicker in the breeze, or “go with the flow”. When they go out, the heat is still there; it doesn’t go out right away and disappear. That slight burn is still burning and continuing to “live”. Then when it does finally go out all the way, there is a sure sign of its presence.

Fires can also burn you at touch when you fool around with it. It can defend itself, be a harm, and a threat. Fires can be big enough to do a lot of damage. It doesn’t let people control it at times; it has it’s own mind and only listens to itself.

Just a thought to put out there 🙂


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