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Whenever you look towards me and see a silent girl, you use to think nothing of it (or at least that’s how you made it seem) and you never really took it into consideration or thought that something more could … Continue reading

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Dear 16 Yr Old Me…

Do you guys see the description of this category I’ve made? Those long few sentences that practically sums up why I want to start doing this…if I ever have time. I still am not that familiar with this site…nor do … Continue reading

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Missing Myself

I was just reading a part of a post from and got to the part where she said she does not miss herself anymore because most of herself is back. That made me think about how I’ve been the … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

I’m an artist. I’m a photographer. I’m a writer. I’m a sibling. I’m a sister. I’m a daughter. I’m a friend. I’m a classmate. I’m a peer. I’m a relative. I’m…me. I’m someone who’s there for their friends. I’m someone … Continue reading

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Life…Is Cruel

Why do you keep attacking me these phases of Sudden Sadness? Is it that not being sad nor happy is not normal? Is it that I shouldn’t be able to just feel nothing for once? Constant Pain doesn’t help anyone. … Continue reading

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Dear Life…

I know you can never be perfect. I know that. You will never be the way I want you to be. You will never change, just because I want you to. I understand that. But then…why do I still have … Continue reading

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