Dear Life…

Dear Life…

I know you can never be perfect. I know that. You will never be the way I want you to be. You will never change, just because I want you to. I understand that. But then…why do I still have hope when my friend is lost in this everlasting sadness of darkness and despair because of this realization?

I’m never the one who has hope. Do I even have hope in the first place? I don’t know. But I hate seeing my friend in so much pain, change and then stay the same because of you. You’ve hurt too many people with Sudden Sadness and Constant Pain. I know it’s bad to say that I wish they would disappear and go away, since they are apart of you, but I can’t say that I don’t.

i see him walking. I can see the sadness hidden behind his eyes, the dark clouds of depression following close behind, and the marks of the scars of hurt and pain he once had to deal with. I can see the weights that lie on his shoulders, I can see the disappointment that stays in his heart…and I can see your death glare as he tries and tries to make your pain marks disappear.

I don’t want him to change. i want you to change. If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t be in a mess like this. He would’ve been the person he was. He would’ve been a lot happier growing up. He would’ve been the best person he can possibly be. We all “could have been” if it weren’t for your messy plays and messed up plans. Why do you put people through pain? Why do you make so many people hurt? Why is there a such thing as death? Why is there a such thing as life?

Dear Life,

You’ve disappointed me for the last time. I’m done expecting anything from you. I’m done having hope that you’ll change. I’m done wishing you were different. I’m done trying so hard to change you and make you right.


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