Life…Is Cruel

Life…Is Cruel

Why do you keep attacking me these phases of Sudden Sadness? Is it that not being sad nor happy is not normal? Is it that I shouldn’t be able to just feel nothing for once?

Constant Pain doesn’t help anyone.  He doesn’t do anything but cause pain. His presence is so persistent that so many people are use to walking around with him, having him by their side, and dealing with him even without their knowledge. Why? Why does he have to be a part of so many people’s lives?

Same with her. Why does she always appear when everything’s perfectly fine? Sudden Sadness doesn’t do anything. She shouldn’t exist. But I guess it just works that way, huh. Once you get use to him, she appears. They walk hand in hand. Sometimes they’re both there, without your knowledge, and other times they are working behind the currents.

No matter what you do. They’re still there. They’re there own person. Fighting them, is fighting two people. They might be behind the current, invisible to the eye, or torturing the heart. Point is, they’re there and they have their own minds.

Sometimes, they agree. They come together for a common cause. This just makes the victim’s life that much harder. But there are times where they disagree. Then they start battling one another. This makes much pain and sadness as well. Constant Pain piles on with pain from the sadness that battles it. Sudden Sadness gets covered with more and more sadness from the pain that is in so much pain.

When they agree, you’re fighting them both head on…or trying to. When they’re battling each other, you’re stuck in the middle. You’re trying to get the fighting to stop and cease, battling them both to hold them at bay. They’re trying to get at each other, but you still get hurt no matter whether you stand by and watch or get involved and endure the kicks and punches delivered.

Life, why did you have to create two people who do so much damage…so much pain…so much sadness…so much torture? Why does so much hurt have to exist in you? In Life?


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