Dear 16 Yr Old Me…

Dear 16 Yr Old Me…

Do you guys see the description of this category I’ve made? Those long few sentences that practically sums up why I want to start doing this…if I ever have time. I still am not that familiar with this site…nor do I use it that often anymore to want to play around and figure cool things out.

The point of this “Dear 16 Yr Old ME” category/page whatever, is basically to put out little positive messages out there. I’m sure we’ve all seen the videos where a person talks about what she or he wishes someone would have explained to them in the past, told them, or got them to understand. Those videos that are basically answering the question: “If you could give your old self advice, what would you say?” I don’t know why it’s always the 16 year mark, but it’s what’s normal.

For this category/page, I want to do basically that – answering the question – but for..the person I was last week, a couple months ago or last year. We change all the time. We are constantly growing, and we do learn new things almost every day and have different ways of thinking every few months, right?

I will try to leave out all the bits and pieces of way too personal details of my life, but still have enough for someone to understand what I’m talking about.

Wish me luck! 🙂


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