Crying Because I Cried

Crying Because I Cried

I call you up. I have some news. I know you won’t take it well. No one can, and it’s true.

You had been happy for me when I found this boy. You had been happy for me all the times I was with him. You had been supportive of this couple that you were watching from beside. You had been happy for me because I found him.

Now you’re in tears. I called you up and told you the bad news. I cried my heart out. My heart broke some more as I told you what I heard had happened. I got betrayed. I got abandoned. I got my heart wretched out of my body and stomped on on the ground. I cried. I could really feel the pain. My first love became my first heartbreak.

You cried too. You didn’t know what to do. Your best friend was going through all of this and you didn’t know what you could do. You watched her suffocate and choke on her tears. You had watched her be happy, now you watch her in tears.

You wished you could be there for me, a screen was in between. You told me to keep my head up, that I was strong, and he was mean. You told me you were there for me, and that’s all I needed. I felt so alone, so betrayed, so heartbroken.

But as I looked back up at the screen, and wiped away my tears, I found this little girl crying for me, crying because I was in tears. I didn’t feel the pain as much anymore. I felt grateful for this girl. I had never had someone care for me as much as her.

She smiled when I smiled. She laughed when I laughed. Now she cried when I cried. She was crying because I was in tears.


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