Please Help Us Understand

Please Help Us Understand

People can’t read minds. Some people can’t even read signs. Others haven’t learned to read words.

When a person is saying one, and then the opposite the next minute…it gets confusing, especially when that person keeps jumping back and forth from one saying to the other. I mean…can you make up your mind before you open your mouth and start confusing everyone else? I know it might not be an intention you have, to confuse the heck out of the people you love, but it is often what ends up happening.

People don’t know what you’re thinking. People don’t know what you’re feeling. People don’t know you (most of the time).

When you’re getting this confusing and won’t even bother to explain where you are coming from, it gets frustrating as well as annoying. All we’re trying to do is get an understanding of what’s going on, if we don’t have one, and you’re making it that much harder to figure out by hiding all this stuff behind walls. I know it’s a thing to hide stuff and keep your walls up now, but can’t you find a way to let down your guard….for the sake of another?


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