The Pain Will Subside

The Pain Will Subside

I know you want to hold onto that small piece of hope you still have left in you, but you also have to remember to look at the bigger picture. There is so much out there you still need to look into, look forward to, and work towards to. I know all you feel is pain right now, but you will get through this. You know, somewhere inside of you, you are strong enough to win this battle. You will survive through this hurt and this torturous pain you’ve felt.

Right now you are questioning whether to hold on or to let go. Please remember how much this has all meant to you. Please keep in mind the memories you have always cherished. But never forget the mistake that was made, and the hurt that came with the betrayal of your trust. You as a person, deserve more than you think. Others can realize this, but they can’t see the situation from your shoes. They are not you. They cannot feel the pain you do. They do not treasure the moments you have lived through. They will never understand how you, personally, take life and what this all means to you.

I know you want to look out and grab onto a hand for help. I know you want to ask others for advice and seek some wisdom you thought you never had. But you also know so many things that you are purposefully ignoring. You know how much hurt you feel, yet you want to push that away. You know how much you need to focus on other things, yet you want to stay loyal to this very topic in mind. You know that you will get through this and grow past it, yet you want to hold on and treasure what you think you still have left.

You might feel alone right now. You feel hurt. You feel abandoned. You feel isolated and helpless. I get this. But please keep your head up, please hold on, please try your best to be strong before you want to run away and hide. Before you want to disappear, before you want to hurt yourself, before you want to get away from everyone you love, please remember who you are. You’re a very strong individual. You are independent. You will get through this. The pain you feel will go away with time. The hurt thrown your way will disappear with time. The hurt will vanish. The pain will subside.


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