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Black and White

Feelings are intriguing to me. They can be the most beautiful and innocent thing, but also the most dark and dangerous. It can kill you and it can also save you and bring you light. It can be what makes … Continue reading

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Moved On

I’ve lived my whole life not knowing who to trust, which statements were actually meant and not a bunch of fluff, etc. I’ve lived my whole life knowing that people were using me, and being nice to me, just to … Continue reading

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May 29: Childhood Revisited

I look back from time to time and wonder what would have happened, what would have become of me, the people around me, or our lives in general if something hadn’t happened the way it did. What if the one … Continue reading

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Day 1. Repeat.

He’s sitting at the top of his tree. A perfect outlook on the city below. Stunning. Breathtaking. Indescribable. But not good enough. He has his notebook on his lap, his pencil in his hand. He has his camera around his … Continue reading

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Day 2

Ding! The door opens. Junior walks inside. The golden mirrors reflect on either side of him, a beautiful glass side standing in front. He turns to press the button, still deciding whether to just return to his car and leave. … Continue reading

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May 28: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

Tell you something most people don’t know about me. What don’t people know about me? That sentence. That question. I don’t really have an answer to. In my opinion, I’m more open than I would like to be. People can … Continue reading

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May 28: Elevator From The Past

She walked into the building, glass door swinging closed behind her. Her black shinning hair glistened under the bright white lights from above. Her blue highlights flowed in and out of her black roots beautifully with each and every long … Continue reading

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I’m More Than That

I was sitting in class working on my project, when my friend let out a comment that if he were ever to become a teacher he would be a hundred times harder and stricter and scarier than the one we … Continue reading

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I Promised You

There’s an innocence in her smile when she turns to me. She looks up at me with a hint of sadness in her eyes. The spark of joy, the flash of excitement, and the coat of sunshine is all there. … Continue reading

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Not Hurt…Not At All 

I took one last look at him. Then turned. My friends charged somehow faster than I thought. But, even faster, my arm was locked in someone’s grasp and a blade was held to my throat. Somehow I couldn’t believe it … Continue reading

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