I want you to look back at us and miss me. I hope you’ll replay back our memories just as much as I do. i wonder if you yearn for my presence as much as I want yours. I miss you…and it hurts when you aren’t here anymore.

There’s a whole in my life where you use to stand. There’s a pathway, a gateway, to the pain that sores my heart. I bet you can see it in my eyes, when I look and pretend to smile. But the pain is there, still there, and growing as time goes by. I miss you…and it is painful to have you walk away.

When something happens, you’re always the first person I want to talk to. Whether it’s good or bad, you’re always the first I go to tell. When I’m nervous, your calming voice calmed me. When I’m excited, your smiles made me even happier. When I’m upset, your hugs would melt the pain away. When I’m agitated, your look will settle me down. When I’m scared, your voice, your hugs…your presence would make me feel safe. You, in general, just seemed to make it all better.

But now you’re gone. We’re done. The time has passed.

Now what?

My person. My best friend. Has vanished within the air somewhere…if that even makes sense.

I want to see you again…but I won’t make excuses. I want to talk to you again…but I don’t want to seem too dependent. I want to feel your arms around me again…but it won’t be the same. I want to feel safe with you again…but I know that won’t happen. I miss you…do you miss me too?

Goodbye my friend. Goodbye my partner. Goodbye my savior. Goodbye my soldier. Goodbye my brother. Goodbye my love.


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