May 5: Idyllic

May 5: Idyllic

My ideal community, huh? What does a place have to be like for it to be MY ‘ideal’ place…

Well, for starters, the people who live it in have to be nice, caring, generous, understanding, etc. Great people in general. These people would accept you for who you are, and understand that sometimes things can’t be helped. People wouldn’t get discriminated, bullied, laughed at, etc. These are the people who you can borrow money from (and, as a great person yourself, pay them back). People who mind their manners. These are the people who won’t talk trash behind your back, who will support you and respect you even when you aren’t there. These are the people who will try to understand for you, help you and be there for you. The great friends you’ve always wanted, are them. They know who you are, what you are like, etc. This community would be a place where everyone knows everyone else, and everything about everyone (not getting into the ‘too much information’ zone, that is).

A place where there’s a great sense of home..would be nice, don’t you think?

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