The Daily Post…and how awesome this site pretty much is

The Daily Post…and how awesome this site pretty much is

This is a site with prompts, challenges, etc. It’s pretty cool.

I’ve tried, personally, to keep track of their prompts and finish most of them (on time) but have seemed to always fail. Now, after a long amount of time off from blogging much and all the drama that has happened recently, I’m going to restart once again. I want to try and get back on track with writing for, somehow, it was started to drift away from my life.

Writing has always been apart of who I am, what I do, etc. I started writing when I was very young, and found a love for it since. A couple years into this newly found passion, I was introduced to this blogging site I am on today. WordPress. Even though I haven’t gotten published for a story or something huge, I still hold a lot of significance to my works. They mean a lot to me. They are a lot of my emotions poured out on paper, as you can tell if you have read my posts. They are…who I am.

Reading these things, just like reading any other writer’s works, is finding a part of me through my words. I have shared a lot of my memories, and hardships I have went through to my crowd of readers, but with The Daily Post I want to go deeper. I want to see if I can get a connection out there. I want people to know, whatever it is that they are going through, they aren’t alone.

I might have experienced something someone else is seeking help for. I might be going through something another has already dealt with. Whatever the circumstance, I want to try and reach out. Feel free to comment, leave your own story or just tell me what you think. As I always say, feedback is very important.


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