May 8: Green-Eyed Lady

May 8: Green-Eyed Lady

Jealousy. Everyone experiences it, right? Everyone has this moment that makes them act up with way. Everyone feels it. Right?

Honestly, I’m not the jealous kind of gal. I don’t get upset when my ‘boyfriend’ is talking to his best friend, who happens to be a girl. I don’t get upset if he would rather spend time with his guys than with me after a while of seeing me. I get that he has friends who are girls. I would hope that I trust him enough to not get jealous and/or way too over possessive. And I would understand that someone needs their space. I need mine too, and would hate it for him to get all upset when I need my “me” time or just a girl’s night out.

Sorry to the girls and guys out there who get overly worried that your significant other isn’t always by your side, is with other people of the opposite gender, or wants some time alone. I kind of get where you come from, insecurities (if you may), but I don’t personally go through that so I don’t completely understand it.

You are with a person want to be with them. They make you happy. They get you. You like them. You see potential in them for your future together. You trust them. All that good stuff. So, if you trust them and see all this potential in them, why don’t you trust them to be faithful to you and always stick by your side? You get jealous…because you fear of loosing them. I get that. It’s great in a relationship to be afraid of loosing someone. But after a while, isn’t it better to be with someone you won’t ever need to fear of them walking away someday?

You want to show this person off to the world as “yours”. You two are together. You love them. You want the whole world to know that that person is a ‘hands off’ person. I get this. I went and told everyone I talked to frequently that I was in a relationship after the first few days. I couldn’t wait to get it out there. To let people know we were together. But I also got that, this didn’t mean his life now somehow revolved around me. He still had his life, his friends, his problems, etc.

But in all of this, I trusted him…more than anyone. I trusted that he would always love me. I trusted that he would always be there for me, never betray me, leave me, etc. He was mine. I was his. That made sense in my head.

I was lucky enough to not have to deal with jealousy.

No, I haven’t been in many relationships. But even if, I never got it before and I don’t really get it now. Why do girls, and guys, behave the way they do when it comes to jealousy?

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