May 8: Success

May 8: Success

I found this really great guy in my life. ( Wow…that sounded so corny) But I did. Or…I thought I did.

I found myself trusting this guy with who I was as a person. Personally, I’m not very outgoing about my feelings and so forth. I’m not one of those people who vent to their friends and talk about every little thing. I don’t ‘talk about my problems’ or whatever. Yes, I’m one of those people who bottles things up and keeps things inside for a very long period of time. I’ve been doing it for years, for as long as I can remember. That’s who I grew up as.

But with him, he taught me how to trust at a younger age. He slowly taught me how to talk to people and to talk things through. He taught me…yes, how to trust. Before that, I didn’t know what the concept of ‘trust’ was. I never was taught it, or I just didn’t know it at that point.

With him, I talked to about many things. After a few years, it was normal for me to tell him about my friendships, my family drama or my school difficulties. I told him what I truly thought about some things. The things I told him, no one else probably knew. At a certain point if he did not know something, then no one did. That’s how close we got.

Years pass, and there we were dating. I was with a guy I could tell everything to. I was with a guy I was completely comfortable with. I was with a guy who knew me and tried to understand for me. He was there for me, supported me, encouraged me and saw a lot of potential in me. I was with a guy who had been with me for so long, knew so much about me, and yet still loved me when I could barely manage. He dealt with me. He took care of me. He looked out for me. He advised me, warned me, etc. I was with someone I always wanted to be with. Someone like that. Someone who wouldn’t get annoyed when I was hyper as hell. Someone who would find it cute when I’m being nervous. Someone who’d text me ‘good morning beautiful’ and ‘goodnight sweetheart’. Someone who would always make sure I knew I was loved. He was that person.

So yeah, I found this really wonderful guy.


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