Day 1

Day 1

She’s sitting on the tire swing she hung on her tree out back. Her hair flops down and reaches, reaches, reaches for the ground. She’s lonely. She yearns for company. But even her brother won’t come home to play with her. She’s sad. She misses him. She knows her parents do too, but they won’t say. She wishes things were different, that he would come back and just..stay.

“Get inside right now! Stop hanging from that stupid tire before you crack your skull open!” A voice screams from the window inside before it’s slammed closed.

She sighs. Reaching up for the rope, she swings her legs around and stands up. Runs a hand through her hair and sprints inside.

“Hey….!” Screams a boy’s voice. The door shuts on his last word.

“Stop yelling at her like that. She IS your daughter.”

She slips away and runs up to her room. Her suitcases lay on her bed all packed and ready for her escape. She lies down with them. Closing her eyes, she dreams.

Somewhere out there, there is a place for her.


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