May 11: I Want To Know What Love Is

May 11: I Want To Know What Love Is

Love. Does anyone really ‘understand’ it? Why do we ‘love’ someone? Why are we afraid of it? Why do we think it’s so limited?

I honestly don’t really know what “love” is. But to me, a person I love is someone I want to be happy, someone who knows they’re are supported, encouraged, cared for, etc., someone who I will go out of my way to make happy. I always want to be there for them. I want to help them through their tough spots in life. I want to tell them my news, whether good or bad. I want our paths to continue to cross. I want them to know I will always be here for them.

What I’m describing sounds like ‘just a friend’ and in some people’s minds ‘you can LOVE a friend and just be friends’. Well, I do love my friends. My friends mean so much to me. They are what helps me to keep pushing forward, sometimes when I don’t have the hope or strength to. They are the people who are there for me through thick and thin. They make me smile when I am down, laugh when I’m neutral, happy when I’m sad. Yeah, these are the people who I want to carry with me throughout my life. I want us to stay this way – happy and carefree – but I know it won’t. These are the people who I wish the best for, and will always be here for (even when it comes to the point where we haven’t spoken for years). Yeah, I love these people.

But what is “love”? What is it when you ‘love her personality’, ‘love his charm’, ‘love my dog’, or ‘love nature’. It doesn’t have to be a person for you to love it. It doesn’t only exist between two human beings.

Is love…something you never want to go away? Is love…something you would ‘love’ to always have by your side? I think it is. When you love something, you never really wish it away. You love her personality…until somehow she changes and her personality isn’t the same anymore. You love his charm…until it changes. You love your dog…until he misbehaves. You love nature…until it dies. No…that doesn’t sound right.

You can’t love something and then don’t when it ‘changes’. Like when you’re with someone and then the person changes and you two aren’t the couple you were anymore. You both change after a while, and you two aren’t what you were but there is still some sort of connection. Isn’t there? Somehow there is still that little spec of love left between you two. Right? (That’s what I’ve heard anyways) So you can’t really love something…and then stop?

But I still think you ‘love’ something you never want to go away. Maybe you continue to love that person who changed because you still feel that they are still somehow who they use to be. There’s still a part of them that you completely know. There’s still a piece of them that’s left from the person you knew. Maybe that’s why you still have a connection, still care for them, etc. because they aren’t truly ALL gone.


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