May 20: Placebo Effect

May 20: Placebo Effect

Depression. Anxiety. There needs to be something to give confidence (just a little!) and happiness to the people who need it, when they most desperately need it.

There’s not really an explanation out there everyone doesn’t already know. This would save people’s lives. This would get some people to actually believe in themselves, especially after being tormented with doubtful thoughts driven by hurtful and punishing statements. Those who suffer from this stuff deserve better, deserve help and deserve a way to live a better life.

I get that through time, people will heal and begin to mend. But when you’re walking through that path where you only see darkness, you don’t really have enough energy to hope for something better at the other side. You don’t dare to hope for that happiness you deserve. You don’t dare to see outside of that painful box you’ve been through and trapped into for many many years of your hopeless life. You don’t see what other people do in you.

They see the light. They see that you are strong enough to get through this. They hope for you. They believe in you. They have faith for you, in you….They still see the light left in your life, and maybe even in your eyes.

To those who are going through something like this: PLEASE…I beg of you. To keep pushing. Just keep living. You don’t even need to walk forward or anything. Just stay where you are, if you don’t think you can go anywhere else. If you don’t think you can go to anyone, if no one understands, etc. Please just keep living. For something. For your pet. For your brother or sister. For your parents. For your classmate. For the classmate who thinks you’re pretty amazing. For the plants that need you to water. For the books that you need to read. For the movies you still haven’t watched. For the places you need to go. Anything. Just live for something. Please. Someone will find you. There. Where you are. Someone will come to you. Someone will get you out of this mess. Just keep living. For me.

From personal experience…I can’t say you’ll heal all the way, but you will get better. Things will get better. You will find something…that’s worth living for.

Placebo Effect


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