May 21: Linger

May 21: Linger

I’m sitting at my desk, a story to be told, my mind rushing with ideas, and my laptop bended at the fold.

We are all smiling, happy and bright, real and genuine.

Whether it’s sitting alone at home, writing a new story, or out with the friends I love so, spending some time in the city. I love these moments, because they are genuine and they are real. There moments, things, people, in this world who make you feel as if nothing else matters. You are there. You are happy. You And nothing else could be better.

It’s an escape from reality, that I never want to end. It’s that time that comes and comes, but always comes to an end.breaking free and becoming one...with yourself
It’s the times that we are one hundred percent there, that I always want to keep. There aren’t any of those busy distraction, orders, accomplishments, or dreams we want to meet. It’s the time where we can just say “Yes…this is real” a million times in our heads, because that’s just how much we don’t believe it’s true.

I love the moments where we are happy, we are carefree, we are..everything we are meant to be. In this world, I think we’ve become to distracted with possessions and those “perfect moments” that we have forgotten how to live in the moment. There is so much around us, the beauty in everything that breathes. But we are so distracted with thoughts and ideas, that we even forget to stop and look at the trees.

We’re all waiting for something big to happen to us. We are all waiting for that “one day that we all get discovered”. But how to we expect to get “discovered” when we are so busy covering everything that we are? I love the moments where we are ‘everything we are meant to be’ because those are the moments where we are who we truly are. We aren’t waiting for someone to judge us, tell us how happy we can be, or give us a list of wishes we have to want. We are who we are in that one moment. And, to me, that’s all that matters.

I linger these moments, that are true and genuine. Because we aren’t waiting for something else to happen. We are there…making it happen.

Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.

These are the moments I linger….and will keep lingering until they stop disappearing, stop ending, and become everything that we are.

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