May 23: The Stranger

May 23: The Stranger

Ding! The door opens. Annabelle walks through with her phone in her hands. After pressing the top floor, 65, she goes and stands in the corner. The room is quite large. Her black combat boots squeak on the tile flooring.

Annabelle is going out with some friends. She doesn’t realize but someone unexpected is waiting for her. She is dressed casual and thinks of it as nothing but a friendly gathering. But is she wrong.

Her plain grey tshirt matches with her midnight black combat pants and pure midnight black belt. Her beautiful midnight black hair sways back and forth as she shifts from one leg to the other. Her red highlights burn a hole through her midnight black outfit. Her bracelets  clack on the railing as her plays with her midnight black nail polish.

Ding! The door opens at floor 9. Her dark ocean blue eyes pop from behind her layered hair as she looks up. She slowly runs her hand through her short hair and brushes it away from her face as the door closes.

Another person is in the room. She doesn’t realize someone unexpected is waiting for her on her way up. The person who entered is a boy. He is a few inches taller than Annabelle. He has his hood up. His jacket was a dark green. His hands were in his front pockets. His jeans beautifully dark blue. He was tapping his right foot as he stood diagonally left from her. His shoes were midnight black. Annabelle studied him. Hair sticking out from a side, it appeared hazel brown. Astonishing.

The door opens again at floor 11. The boys leaves. Annabelle somewhat disappointed.

The room is silent. Too silent. She puts on her Skullcandy headphones, midnight black, and turns on her music. She stares at her reflection across the room. The gold tint made her skin look yellow. She rolled her eyes in disgust.

Ding! The door opens at floor 25. Her dark ocean blue eyes didn’t leave their spot on the ground. But she didn’t know who had entered. If she only knew.

Ding! The door opens again a few seconds later. She is alone once again, the dark green reflection on the ground disappearing out the door. She takes a small stiff, like a cat. There is a scent in the room. Intriguing.

She finally looks up and searches around. There was something about this scent that made her senses go on full alert. Her eyes dart around and room, meeting her own reflection from all sides. She looks behind her, the glass side, and sees herself slowly flying up over the city. Floor 28. 29. 30. 31….

Ding! The door opens at 36. She is almost half way there when she is met with a women of age 28. She is only slightly older than Annabelle. She is wearing dark brown sunglasses. Her bleached blonde hair swung at her hips. Her flower covered white dress flung an unusual scent off, suffocating Annabelle.

“Are you okay?” The lady sweetly asks, hearing Annabelle coughing.

Annabelle nods. Ding! Finally…the stranger leaves.

As she gets her breathing normal, she notices the first scent is gone. She is disappointed, yet relieved. She relaxes.

Ding! She’s finally at floor 60. Almost there…..

Someone walks in again. Annabelle slowly looks up, feeling the tensions rapidly increase. She doesn’t dare to make a move. Black shoes…dark blue jeans…dark green jacket…hands in pocket….hazel brown hair….it’s him.

As their eyes meet, she finds his dark blue green eyes starring back at her.

“Hello, Ann.” A familiar voice speaks.

She takes a long, slow breathe and exhales. She takes a couple more normal breaths.

“Did I scare you?” He asks.

She finally looks back at him.

“Hi, Junior.”


As you can see, I’ve added a new category called “Junior and Annabelle”. I’m going to continue writing little bits and pieces about their life, who Junior really is to Annabelle and so forth. I hope you guys like them 🙂 


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