May 23: The Zone

May 23: The Zone

When I’m outside taking my pictures, walking with my camera, listening to music or the birds chirping in the air. When I’m engulfed in my story, sitting at my laptop with nothing but my lamp as light in the pitch black darkness that surrounds. I’m not focusing on anything else but what I’m doing. When I’m outside, I take in the surroundings, I take my deep breathes and, for the first time in a long while, I can finally breathe. I’m in the zone of that life that I want to be real, a place that I can be ‘free’. When I’m sitting at my desk, I write of this other world where everything is so complex and the drama is at max level but everything is exactly where I want them to be. I’m in the zone of another world I create, that I want to live, that I want to be.

Both these scenarios have me wishing for something else. I love the idea of this ‘other world’; either the one I create, or the one I am only able to be in for a bit at a time. But somehow I get there…
nothing else matters

It’s incredible how we all dream of another world, different scenarios we would love to come to be reality. But, in reality, we have a wonderful world right around us. Honestly…

Yes, I tend to wish the same. Kids whose parents fight, wish their parents wouldn’t fight. Students in school, wish they didn’t have to go to school and still know everything they need to know. Girls and boys who are single, wish for someone to come along and have a connection and somehow be that person they’ve been looking for. People wish of these things. Sometimes, I do too. But I wouldn’t change my life for a new one.

When I take pictures, I take pictures. When I write, I create. I get into ‘the zone’ and, yes, nothing else matters. I’m there…I’m doing what I do, what I love. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.

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