I Promised You

I Promised You

There’s an innocence in her smile when she turns to me. She looks up at me with a hint of sadness in her eyes. The spark of joy, the flash of excitement, and the coat of sunshine is all there. Beautiful. She has much hope for the next couple years of her life. She has struggled a lot to be here. She continues to struggle and fight a battle not many know about each and every day. Yet she smiles. She turns the other cheek, and stands up proudly.

I have a lot of faith for her, this child. She has a bright future awaiting her at the end of this bridge of high school. I look at her, and I see all this potential, this innocence, this happiness. There’s still that spark in her eyes, that I wonder how she’s kept. Through the clouded battles, the many fights, I question how she has managed to keep walking without a single scar.

I’m proud of her. There aren’t scars on her arms, no lines on her stomach. There isn’t a doubtful mind in her head. There isn’t a fake smile that goes unread. I’m proud of her. She’s made it through this far, without the scars and blood pouring through. I know she hurts, I know she cries. But I also know of the battles she tries to hide. I’m still proud of her. She’s not proud of the place she comes from, but she embraces it and tells it with a smile. I see the hurt behind her innocence, but she still smiles.

I see a lot in this child. This little angel that has fought many fights. She has won many battles. She has lasted this long. And I know she will go farther, and beyond.

But I don’t know if she will make it much longer. I see her legs begin to tremble, and her voice begin to shake. Her eyes start to tear and her heart starts to break. She’s been through enough, and I want to protect her. Because I know the world she’s stepped into will not “just get better”. She will experience these loses, these ‘invisible’ fights, the stressful nights, and the fearful frights. She will see people cut themselves, loose themselves to ‘their group’. She will bare the sight, or the knowledge, of someone she loves, she knows, go and get hurt. Maybe she will even be one of those who experience a loved life begin taken from this world….

I don’t know how farther she can go. I have faith in her. I am proud of her for getting this far. But I know how torturous the road she is walking will be. Maybe hers will be easier than mine, maybe even harder. I don’t know. But I know she won’t walk it alone.

I see the innocence in her eyes. She still has that spark of light. There is a hint of darkness, but I won’t let it grow. She will see the positive in life, like she has always been able to. She will keep that smile on her face, beautiful and read. She will walk with her head held high, even though it might fall at times. She will be able to stand on her feet, and one day walk again.

If she ever needs me, I will be here by her side. I promised her this: You will never walk, never walk without someone by your side.

There’s an innocence about her. There’s that spark in her eyes.


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