In The Memory Of

In The Memory Of

Memorial Day. It’s sad that a lot of people just think of it as a day off from school, or work, to party or fool around and do nothing. But it’s a day that has been given significance. It’s “memorial” because there is something to be remembered. And that’s the countless numbers of men and women out there risking their lives for us.

They risk their neck to kill those who want to kill us. But because they are there, fighting for this country, we don’t get terrorized, we don’t get bombed, we don’t get killed. They’re fighting battles we don’t even know a lot about, most of us. They have the constant booming of bombs and bullets, while we listen to the birds chirp and music in our ears. They have smoke and dirt around them, while we already go hide inside when there is just a cold breeze outside shaking up the trees or a light drizzle of that clean water.

We live our lives, in peace, not knowing how many men are failing, unspoken of, for the sake of our country.

I thank you. The men who have been wounded in battle, who’ve lost a friend, brother, father, mother, sister, daughter, son to the war not many know about. A lot of us don’t have someone we love dearly in the military, risking their lives, so we don’t know what it’s like to just wish for them to return home safely. A lot of us haven’t been in battle, under gunshot, been blown up etc., so we don’t know that fear of not being able to see our loves ones again.

We live our lives so peacefully, that we began to forget, to thank.

Thank you, men, women. Thank you for risking your lives for our country. Thank you for letting your boys, your girls, go off to battle. Thank you for living in those days where you didn’t know when your angel was going to come home. Thank you for living in those fearful days where you didn’t have a clue whether you were going to make it out alive.

Thank you.


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