Day 2

Day 2

Ding! The door opens. Junior walks inside. The golden mirrors reflect on either side of him, a beautiful glass side standing in front. He turns to press the button, still deciding whether to just return to his car and leave. But the door closes before he can. Floor 65.

“Great…they had to pick the top floor.” He mumbles under his breathe. Strange…because the room was empty.

Ding! The doors open as he reached the back corner. He turns, his jade green eyes looking beyond his messy hazel hair. There was no one there. No one had entered. The doors close once again.

He rolls his eyes and brushes his hair back. He wears his headphones around his neck, softly playing his music. His favorite green jacket hung from one shoulder, it being too hot to put it on. His brown shirt hung closely to his fit body, showing just the slightest glimpse of his six pack. It hung down to his pockets, slightly covering his wrists when he shoved his hand in.

He sighed. Floor 20. Only floor 20.

He started tapping his midnight black shoes. He started tapping his fingers on the railing. He started staring blankly at the ceiling. Obviously bored. Obviously tired.

Ding! Grrr another stop…A lady walked in. Her trench coat reached her knees. Her dress somewhere above. Her heels were as high as they can be. He wondered how she managed to even be standing. She looked so pose and perfect. He didn’t get why girls dresses so funny.

When she turned, she smiled at his presence but stayed where she was. She continued to stare at the door, holding her small tiny purse out in front of her. Junior didn’t get make up either. He had saw the red stain on her lips, the fake lashes pointing out from her lids, the peach blush covering more of her face than it should. Why did girls go through all that trouble for…what? It didn’t make them look better. He’d rather them paint on a canvas than their faces.

Ding! Just when he was about to comment on her appearance, the door opened and the chance was lost. He wasn’t disappointed, but now slightly annoyed.

As he looked up, the red light flashed 53. Floor 54, 55, 56, 57…

He was almost there.

Ding! Floor 60. He was going to get out and take the stairs.

Ding! Floor 65. Finally.

He got out and met his friends.


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