June 3: Blogger With a Cause

June 3: Blogger With a Cause

If I could throw myself completely into a cause, I would make someone’s day. I would make as many people around me smile, laugh and just enjoy the day they have in front of them. I would reassure people who need it that everything will be just fine, because everything is always okay in the end so if it’s not, it’s not the end. I would be a friend to the people who need it.

I would be the hero of everyone’s lives!!!!

But seriously, I would try to do the best I can to make my friends’ lives better. For those who need something to make their day better, I would somehow get them to smile and be happy. For those who want some company, I would be there for them. For those who need something, I would try my best to get it for them.

I do try to do this in general, but sometimes I just don’t feel like I’m getting enough done as I would like. I honestly just don’t have enough time to be there for everyone and get everything done. I can’t be at too many places at the same time.

Blogger With a Cause


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