Graduating Seniors 

Tears. They part with sadness of having to leaving each other behind. But shouldn’t you be parting with smiles of having had got to graduation? Have gotten a future ahead of you that’s beyond the four walls of the classroom? 

Everyone is upset that they might not see each other again. That is true. But the true friends will make time for you and you will keep in contact. Even if you don’t, the people who are meant to be in your life will somehow find a way back. After some years, some of your lives have just intertwined. Our paths will somehow bring you back together. 

Don’t say ‘goodbye’, say ‘see you later’ because you don’t know what the future will bring. Hope that your paths will cross again. Have faith that your friendships will last longer than the time you’ve spent on the campus you’re  graduating from. 

You know have this road in front of you. For most, it’s college. You will meet new people and have new experiences and new opportunities. You will also face new struggles and new dramas and new complications. But this is life. You will get through it. 

I look at these graduating some and wonder what will become of each and every one of you. Because every single one of you have great potential, you will make a beautiful world in the future. 


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