The prompt:
Everything somehow has its connections. Who are you? And how does everything you love connect?

Expressing oneself.

I love photography. I love to write. I love listening to music. I love looking at pieces of art.
I love being there for someone. I love being able to help. I love being someone to somebody.
I love giving something a new way of looking at it. I love being different. I love being…me….

With photography, I capture the moments that will soon become memories. I freeze the time in that one second so it can be remembered again later on. I give a simple object, a misunderstood subject a new light and a new way to look at it. I tell stories with one push of a button, without saying a word, without opening my mouth.

With writing, I create this other dimension. I develop this new wonderful world that I, as well as other people, can get lost in. I zoom in on topics and things that sometimes aren’t addressed enough. I weave morals and lessons into stories people can understand. I express myself by making this place I would love to be in…

With music, every note has meaning and every verse has rhyme. There is a purpose, a story, a secret hidden within the beats, the words, and sounds. I get lost in this moment. I sometimes feel as if someone actually understands what I go through. I escape from the world around me and just blank out for a moment. And, in that moment, there’s just me.

With art in general, there is so much more than what is on the surface. It’s someone’s way to express themselves. They are creating something that has absolute priceless meaning. To them, none of this can be replaced. Because what they make, what they put into it, what was happening in the moments of creation and so forth can never be remade and restructured together to form what has become a beautiful piece of art.

I love being there for someone. People don’t always get the chance to show how they really feel. Bottled up emotions, with time can cause a hurricane like storm.

The things I love…seem to all revolve around one’s expression of themselves and what they’ve been through. They all connect…mainly through art.


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