June 6: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…..

June 6: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…..

Haven’t we all gone through one point in your lives, or even multiple times, where we just ask ourselves What if the world was over tomorrow? What is this is going to be our last day living? Are we satisfied with our lives? Is there anything we want to do and experience before it’s too late? Any regrets? Haven’t we all done that at least once by now?

For me, right now, here are my answers:

If the world was over tomorrow, if I only had the rest of today to live and do things, I would go out there and do everything I always wanted to do. Obviously there wouldn’t be enough time to go traveling across the world to countless numbers of countries, but I would go places. I would take my friends and spend the day at the beach, watch a movie, fool around, be ourselves with no worries in the world. I would tell each and every one of them that I love them. I would fix any misunderstandings, I would talk about the past and how amazing our time was together.

I would spend some time with my family. I don’t think I have spent enough time with them. As the last chance I have, I would go back and say ‘thank you’ for putting up with me in my younger years, have dealt with me trying to grow up, etc. I would go back and say ‘I love you’.

Along with that, my next question: Am I satisfied with my life if it ended when I went to sleep tonight…
Honestly, no. I want to be able to travel the world. I want to go out there and see new things, experience all these wonders I’ve only heard about. I want to get out there, and find myself. I want to build myself up and have a meaning to my life. I want to change people’s lives constantly. I want to have more years to be able to keep doing this.

But if this were the end, if this was my last day with everyone, I would try to make it last. It doesn’t have to be something real fancy or complicated. A nice gathering of my friends and family at a nice, quiet place would be priceless. If we would all get along, give each other a chance, and enjoy what we have together, the last day by each other’s side wouldn’t be meaningless.

Any regrets?
Everything happens for a reason, right? Everything that I have once regretted, I have forgotten to hate. The things that have brought me where I am, have also built me up to the person I have become. Though there were times I hated what I did, or what became of one situation, I later learned that it had to happen for everything else to fall into place.

We grow with our mistakes, we develop from the negatives of our lives, and we learn as a whole.

I’ve spent my life trying to always be there for my friends. I’ve spent it trying to enjoy what I have, probably not focusing on what is yet to come as much as I should. I’ve spent it attempting to be someone to everyone. I’ve gone through it doing the best I can with what I believe truly matters above all.

For that, if this was the last day I had to spend…I would get myself off this laptop and out of this chair. I would go do things.
But in the end, I wouldn’t regret anything. I’ve come this far, maybe I was meant to end up right where I am.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…


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