Rae of Sunshine

Rae of Sunshine

Perfect party. My best girl friends, my best guy friends. My closest people all ’round.

Personally, I don’t attend parties or get involved with big group gatherings. But if I were to plan the ‘most amazing‘ party for someone close. I’d celebrate Rae.

She’s been through hell the back. She’s dealt with things that other people can’t even imagine going through. She’s fought battles no one thinks are real, and pushed through troubles no one realizes how hard they are.

I would celebrate the wonderful person she’s grown up to be. No matter how many hard struggles she’s had to put up with, she’s grown up to be a person other’s haven’t even been able to become. She’s kind, selfless, brave, encouraging, smart, beautiful, generous, etc. She would put her friends above all. She would work hard to achieve something she really wants to get. She has beautiful, stunning dreams and meaningful purposes behind every single one of them.

For her, I’d bring her family. I’d make sure all her favorite friends were there. I’d be sure to get her something cute, something lovely and something unique to surprise her with.

She’s not one to be the center of attention. So without putting the spotlight on her, I’d make sure she felt like she was the main purpose for the party.

I love this girl and would do anything for her. She’s been through so much with me, and helped me pushed along very many things. I don’t know where I would be without this girl.

I love her from the moon and back. I hope she is well.


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