August 10, 2016.

August 10, 2016.

August 10, 2016.

It’s after graduation. We’ve all said goodbye to our friends, and said see you later to the family we’ve picked from those friends. It’s near time to start classes for college.

If we were planning to move, the move has been done. If we were planning to stay, we’ve wished those gone a well and safe trip and told them to come visit soon. If we were planning to say something, hopefully we already did. If we were planning to do something, hopefully it’s already been done.

Now that we look back…to graduation, to the four years, to our memories, to our friends…we know how much of that we are truly going to miss.

What if we had a chance to go back and change something? A tunnel that lead back to one of those memories. Would we go back to change something…that might end up altering the rest of all of our lives from then on?

Would we really take the risk of making everything different? We have survived to this point through the events we had to deal with. The past, the struggles, etc. have built us up to what we are today. If we fix something, even just one thing, everything else might change. Are we seriously going to risk that?

Remember all the good things we’ve had during this time. Remember all the things you love that never would have been if something horrible hadn’t occurred. Remember everything that there is to remember about the past. Hold it close. You can’t go back to relive anything, or change anything, but you can keep it in your heart and remember it always. You can give it significance, and go back to it every now and then.


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