June 8: Blogger in a Strange Land

June 8: Blogger in a Strange Land

There are many random urges to write about something, for me at least. I could be just about to sleep and get a random, most brilliant idea for a story, poem, blog post, etc. I’m out with my friends and suddenly I get a fantastic way to look at something. I have to write about it!

This is why I usually find myself writing at the most random times and places. Sometimes I have to wait, write it down on a note, and write whatever I have planned at a later time. But this doesn’t always work. The moment at the time is gone, other things have happened and now the idea and where I was going to go with the topic is lost in Neverland.

I’ve written at my desk (normally, i do), bed (pretty normal too), at the park, in a tree, at the beach, sitting on rocks. I’ve been on an airplane, at a cafe, in a restaurant, in a bakery. I write in the car, on the road, at hotels, on the side of the street.

I’ve written at random times too.

When my sister was blowing out her candles, when I was suppose to be cooking and accidentally burnt something, when I was trying to eat, when my friend was ranting about her boyfriend’s friend, when my puppy was attacking my leg, it wouldn’t be surprised to say that I was writing or, at the least, thinking about a topic I wanted to try out. When I was at a study group, when I was on a phone call with my friends, when I was at a friend’s birthday party I didn’t know anyone at, when I was isolated from the people around me, I was probably doing something involved with my writing process.


Writing has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I also remember hating writing in school though. The prompts and the limitations they always trapped our creativity in always burned my freedom down to the ground. I couldn’t do anything with what I was given. I wanted to write about something else.

But soon, I learned to write with prompts. I learned that I could still do so much with a prompt at hand. But in school, everything was basic. Everything was just..a copy of the next. The formatting, the sentence structures, etc. You have to put the hook at the first sentence. Then the second sentence you write ‘……….’ and add the next three words. Then you talk about this and say this about it.

There was no freedom. I just felt trapped. But then I wrote on my own, about stuff I actually wanted to talk about. Then there was freedom. I could write about anything I wanted, whenever I wanted to.

Now I go to random places and write, along with my photos. Writing comes everywhere with me. I don’t always need my laptop or a pen and paper to write something.

I’m writing something every day. I’m writing something every second of every day. I’m writing…my life.

Blogger in a Strange Land


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