It’s Time

It’s Time

I think it’s sad how boys and girls these days grow up to develop different variations of themselves to “fit in” or be seen as “acceptable” in whatever environment they are in. They might have one, two, and maybe even up to five different “versions” of themselves, not ever really feeling like they can show who they truly are because of what society and the people around them think. They hide themselves, building up these other people and other characteristics for themselves. They soon forget who they really are under the covers, and under the mask they want to perfect so badly.

Why do we live in such a time where one can’t show who they really are, but instead have to pretend and build up something they aren’t?

Why do we silence people because ‘they have to behave‘ or ‘look proper‘ and ‘be presentable‘ to save face? Why is everything these days about saving face?! Why is it socially acceptable to make boys feel like they can never show true emotion? girls feel as if they will never be ‘good enough’?

We live in this time where it’s an “every day norm.” to dehumanize people. We have looked down on certain things and pushed up other things that we think are ‘perfect‘ characteristic. This is why we have boys and girls pretending to be something they are not. They try to fit this description of a ‘perfect’ girl or boy.

But what was ever wrong with them in the first place? Born as unique individuals, we should live our lives as unique individuals.

We need to stop shaming certain things. We need to stop laughing at certain things. We need to stop promoting certain things for everyone else to follow.

We do live in such a society today, but we can change it for tomorrow; for the generations to be born; for the lives that are yet to be created. Little by little, we can change the habits we, as emotional humans, have carried for the past few years. Change can happen. Girls and boys have a chance to live their lives as who they truly are. But it’s up to us to be accepting, understanding, encouraging and open minded about the variations of people there are in this world.

One day…we might just get there. But we will never know until we try; we will never find out until we give it an attempt; we will never get there until we begin. And it’s time to begin.


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