June 16: Turn, Turn, Turn

June 16: Turn, Turn, Turn

Seasons change all the time. A few weeks ago, it was spring. Before that it was winter. Right now, it’s summer. After this, it’s going to be fall.

Along with the seasons, outfits change. Spring is the time for those jeans and a nice top. Winter is the time to kick out those fuzzy boots and long fluffy jackets and mittens. Summer is where you see guys walking without shirts and girls going jumping in pools. Fall is where the boots come out and where the hats go on top.

With that, attitudes change too. Spring is the time for hope and passion. Winter is the time to cuddle and stay close to home. Summer is the time to have no regrets and do everything you want. Fall is the time to relax and realize how beautiful nature is.

For me, I love all the seasons. There’s something in each one of them that I absolutely adore. With spring, I love the flowers that bloom and how perfect the weather is warm but not hot. With winter, my favorite part would be snuggling underneath my blankets at night and watching the moon rise. Summer is amazing because the days are longer and there is always more time to do everything you want. With fall, getting that cool breeze brush by your face and the endless fresh air seems to be my favorite.

If I have to pick one of the seasons as my favorite, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I love them all so much.

I love summer because it’s the time where I get to do my personal projects. I have more time for myself and to relax around the people I honestly want to be around. This is also the time that I get to escape from the drama and stress at the “work place”. I don’t have the constant flow of assignments I need to get done, and there is time to spend with my family.

I love fall because it’s the start of a new beginning. I come back to my friends after the three or so months of summer with amazing stories to tell. I go back and there’s a time where it’s nice being back and being there with so many people around you. This is the time where I start to get busy. Sometimes it’s nice like that.

I love winter because you get the family gatherings, you have Christmas, you get that excuse to do something nice for someone. For me, I’d love to do that every day. But it’s always nice to have the excuse to why.

I love spring because it’s the perfect time for flowers. There’s a new hope in the air. There’s a lovely flow of passion and determination. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

Every single season is beautiful. Every single aspect of the year has it’s own unique qualities. Every single day has something to look forward to.

Turn, Turn, Turn


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