Father’s Day

Father’s Day

To a girl, a father is her first love.
To a boy, a father is his first hero.

FOR A DAUGHTER, getting love from her dad is a huge thing. How he treats her sets the tone for so many other relationships in her life. Every boy or man she meets will automatically be measured against her dad, and that relationship. He is her ultimate standard and role model for manhood.

FOR A SON, when he first dreams of being a superhero, he’s hoping his dad will show him how. We know young boys will find heroes in animated cartoons and movies. Later it’s a sports star, or maybe famous actors or rock musicians. But over and above all those stands you, dad. Your sons look to you as a hero first and foremost. And you don’t have to earn that title; it just comes with your role.

Daddy. Thank you for always working hard to keep a roof above my head, food on the table, and four beautiful walls around me. Thank you for always making me laugh and smile with your humor. Thank you for always knowing when to be serious and when to joke around. Thank you for loving me and my sister throughout the heart aching years. Thank you for paying the hospital bills, the insurance, the water bills, the gas bills, the electricity bills. Thank you for going out of your way to make more to give back even more.
Daddy. I know it hasn’t been the easiest for you. I see it when you go hide in your room. I see the pain in your eyes when your leg hurts. I see it in your eyes when you are stressed and pained. I see the tears you cry when you think we aren’t around. Daddy, I know when you’re trying to hide something from me. You still want to protect me and act like I’m not growing up and don’t understand those things. But I do, Daddy, and I want to be there for you and help you like you had been when I needed you.

Daddy. Today is your day. It’s Father’s Day. Will you finally let me be there for you?


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