I Should’ve Been There

I Should’ve Been There

I was walking back to Angel with my friend next to me when I realized some guy had her trapped in a corner. I didn’t watch to see what was going on. By the sight of fear in her eyes, I knew I had to get over there.

“What do you want?” I asked the boy, standing between him and Angel.

He looked at me, from head to feet, and smirked, “I could be asking you the same thing, sweetheart.”

I turned my head back to Angel, not taking my eyes of the creep, and asked, “You alright?”

She barely managed a nod and gripped at my arm. I felt her fingers digging into my skin. That just proved how scared she had been, and how out of line this bastard was. I could feel my anger heating me up. Clenching my fists, I glared right at the dirty brown eyes that smiled back.

“Of course she’s alright. We were just talking. I’m her friend.” The boy lied through his teeth.

“Well, friend or not, you should get going.” I warned him.

He playfully took a step back and then advanced once again, “Get going? I’m sure if anyone is leaving, it should be you. You just showed up out of nowhere and ruined our fun. I’m still waiting for an apology from you, sweetie.”

“Get lost.” I stated coldly.

When he saw that I was not joking around, his eyes fueled with anger. “No one tells me what to do.”

Angel’s nails dug in my skin, gripping as hard as she could. I could just imagine her standing behind me. I wanted to turn around and tell her it’s going to be okay…but I honestly didn’t know if it was.

“I just did.” I quickly said. “Get lost.”

“You listen here-”

Knowing what his next line would be, I easily slapped him hard across the face, “I don’t think I should need to repeat myself again. Get. Lost. Now!”

I barely managed to hear Angel whimper slightly above my pounding heart in my ears. I could feel my knuckles were white as snow, my whole body tight…

The creep put his hands up in the air, half still smirking, and slowly backed away. He soon finally turned and began to walk. But I didn’t relax. Not a bit.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw a glimpse of a person beside me. My arm twitched slightly before I looked over and remembered I had been at a party with my friends. Somehow one of my closer friends had found us and was standing beside me. He looked down at me with worry-filled eyes, but stayed silent.

I finally got to turn around and take a look at Angel. When I did, before I could even open my mouth, she let go of my arm and crashed into me.

“It’s okay.” I assured her, holding her tight. “Everything’s okay now. I’m here. You’re okay.”

I looked up at my friend again, silently communicating. He was more worried about me. When I looked back at Angel, all I could see was pure fear in her eyes. Her brown eyes were coated with a layer of tears, shaking slightly, filled with fear. I hated that sight…

“Hey…” I gently got her to her feet and stably standing in front of me. “Deep breathes. Deep breathes…”

She took some and started to get color back in her face. She stopped trembling.

“You okay?” I asked.

She managed a small nod.

I looked to my friend, “Take care of her.”

With that, I walked away with my body burning with anger. The image of her fearful eyes still burning in the back of my mind. My fists clenched automatically. My body flexed and got ready to fight.

I ran. To get the anger out of my system. To somehow forget the regret of not staying by Angel’s side. To have a chance to be strong enough to go back and face her again. I ran.


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