…Is The Sin.

…Is The Sin.

Imagine your life being engulfed in fear because of something you can’t control that other people won’t accept.

Is it hard? To picture a world where you can’t be who you are just because others don’t believe the same things or have the same outlook on something.

Maybe it is…because people go around saying they really love (this type of car) or (that color) every day with pride, even when other people don’t agree. You say, out loud, that you love a certain band or a brand name without the fear of being different whenever you please. It’s a natural thing that people do without thought, without fear.

Some people are just ‘made’ for rock music while others uncontrollably prefer classical. Some people are ‘born’ to live in the country side while others can’t handle being far away from the city. There are people who are ‘naturally’ pulled to art and creativity while others go to the route of hard-core business or managing.

There are so many different types of people in this world. We are born a certain way. There are things that we cannot control. We understand that for these ‘every day’ type of things…so why are there still people out there who don’t get that there is also a range of sexuality?

Some people are just ‘made’ transgender. Some people are ‘born’ to be in same-sex relationships. They are ‘naturally’ attracted to each other.

Remember that life I told you to imagine? Try imagining it again.

Artists out there who got born into a family who is traditionally looking at the field of medicine: Don’t you remember the time where you had to ‘come out’ to your parents or guardian and push away their urges for you to become a doctor? Don’t you remember how scared and worried you were? You didn’t know whether they would accept that medicine just wasn’t your path and who you were as a person. You were scared that they would think less of you if you weren’t the perfect little daughter or son they have always pictured.

Honestly, that’s the only other point of view of “coming out” I have right now. Because I am actually going through that circumstance myself, I know what I’m fearing. But to put that in a larger scale and have to come out as bisexual or transgender…I wouldn’t even know where to start.

I, myself, want to be acknowledged as who I truly am inside my heart. I want people to know of the struggles I’ve been through to get to where I am. I want people to know me for the person I see myself as.

To judge someone because of something they can’t control…is the sin. Not being who you actually are.


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