June 19: Fifteen Credits

June 19: Fifteen Credits

The thing about school is that you can’t wait to get out when you’re in it, but are counting days to go back when you aren’t. It’s like…you don’t cherish it when you have it but miss it when it’s gone. You don’t know how valuable it is until it becomes a memory. That sort of thing.

When you’re going through classes, you are waiting to have free time to do whatever you want. But when you have all the free time you could want, you are stuck asking yourself and others what there is even to do.

When I wasn’t taking classes, I would give myself an ‘assignment’ to finish before I return. Make a photo book. Finish that story you began. Go outside twice a week to take pictures. Eat with family. Set up the house to look nicer. DIY stuff.

Simple tasks that give you something to do makes the extra time you have worth while.

Fifteen Credits


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