June 23: Snapshot Stories

These are photos I had personally taken throughout the last year of my life…

I can’t exactly say it’s been the easiest year, but it has definitely been the most memorable so far ❤

  ^ This was at a temple event I went to with my mother

  ^ The event was at a graveyard. It was actually my first time seeing something like this being done.

  ^ A photo I am very proud of 🙂   ^ A friend I made while I was there 🙂

    ^ A heart locket my friend once gave me was buried out of my desk

  ^ A photoshoot I did for a couple days going off of He4She   ^ We had a lot of fun putting these photos together with only one or two photographers.

  ^ Glow Show 2015

    ^ Last Christmas was the first year I got a real tree for the house ❤ LOVED IT

  ^ These were cute, but I didn’t end up getting them 😦

  ^ The SLR I’ve been using 🙂

  ^ I went to Vegas for a little vacation from everything

  ^ I went to some pretty amazing places to eat

  ^ ..and saw a really cool, and expensive show there

  ^ I couldn’t wait to go to this buffet again! It’s amazing and HUGE!

  ^ I took a nice little photo of myself as the others were shopping

  ^ Got a cool collection of cups a while back 🙂

  ^ I’ve seen very beautiful and breathtaking sunsets too

  ^ I got to be a photographer for a UCI club talent show one night. That was really amazing with all the singers ❤

  ^ Just an incredible night in general

    ^ Then after the show, we went to grab some food nearby. That was AMAZING too 😛

    ^ Doing film photography has been a blast

  ^ We finally got some rainy days 😀

    ^ I stayed out some nights and had a great time ❤

      ^ This year in general has been a lot of fun 🙂

I hope this next year will be just as incredible 🙂


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