June 27: The Artist’s Eye

June 27: The Artist’s Eye

I’m going to go a little different from what the prompt actually says and just talk about “the artist’s eye” in general.

Being an artist, I know that my personal work will never be perfect in my eyes. But the art I see elsewhere, that’s a different story. My work can always be “made better”. I always end up saying “I could’ve done better” or “I should’ve done ___ instead”. I always doubt myself, no matter what other people say.

That was the reason I hid my work for a very long time. I would write for hours, piling up papers, and cluttering my desktop with icons but never let anyone read it. I would take millions of photographs and never have them printed or see the light beyond the screen.

I thought, “It’s personal. I don’t want to be that vulnerable to people.” and so forth. But then I realized that being vulnerable, and being able to put myself on paper was what made my work…mine. Potentially, I was giving a part of myself to my reader and that’s what made it unique and pure.

In an artist’s eye, there’s beauty in almost everything. In mine, there’s beauty in absolutely everything.

Maybe that’s why we, artists, doubt our own work. We don’t ever think that what we create can measure up to the beauty that’s already in the world. There’s so much out there..how can we add more and still be beautiful ourselves?


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