The Magic of Time

The Magic of Time

Memories you have, good or bad, always want to be returned to. Whether it’s to change what happened with something new or to relive the moment, the days you have in your life are always wanted to be returned to.

For my future, the mystery ahead, there are many pictures that run through my head. I like to seek an adventure. I want to go somewhere far from home. I want to be apart from those who want me to be nothing but tied down to a pole. I want to escape this place, build my own world, and seek a better future than I thought I would ever have under my own control.

For my past, the things I’ve left behind, I will always remember them and cherish them deep in my mind. I’d like to think things have happened for a reason; there isn’t anything I can really do. The past is there and I might forget, but the memories I had are ones I won’t regret. I look back and relive those moments in the past. I look back and question the things that I had. I look around me, the things might not be the same, but I had the chance to do what I want so if things aren’t ‘perfect’ that is my own blame.
Prompt #3: If you could fast forward ahead or rewind backwards to any point in your life…..


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