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July 27: From A to Z (2)

A hurt heart cannot see anything But the blackness that surrounds, the pain that comes from within, Cuts that have scarred, and the regrets it keeps making up for itself. Don’t ever doubt the measurement of pain someone goes through … Continue reading

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July 27: From A to Z

A PERSON APPEARED IN FRONT OF ME Before my eyes is where he stood Couldn’t stop thinking about him, was so curious about him Don’t think I could’ve stopped, because if I could’ve I would Even when he’s miles away, … Continue reading

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July 27: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Dreams. Those wonderful things you always tend to wake up from. You escape the world surrounding you to this darkness that develops into some sort of vivid corruption of your own thoughts, ideas and visions. This moving picture blurs in … Continue reading

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Vietnam Trip Part 1


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Click on the Instagram icon below to be linked to my Instagram profile. I’m currently posting from Saigon, Vietnam and will be traveling to a couple other places in the next month. I tend to post groups of pictures when … Continue reading

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July 25: Shoulda Woulda Coulda

I know I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself. I know I should follow my heart and chase my dreams. I know I should let go of everyone’s thoughts, who are bluntly trying to hold me down. I know I … Continue reading

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Vietnam. Returning After 10+ Years. Oh Boy…

I haven’t been here in ten years. I have seen my family here in so long. I had forgotten how things were over here. I had been told so much had changed, but I don’t see the difference. The first … Continue reading

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July 25: A Friend In Need…

My closest friend is…someone I love. someone I would do basically anything for. someone I’m always there for. someone I never want to have to leave. someone who will always have me when they need me. My closest friend is…someone … Continue reading

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How can you tell someone who wants to start over that you will never look at them the same? How can you hurt that person who put you through immense pain when you don’t want to hurt them at all? … Continue reading

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July 15: Dear Mom

Having the person who was suppose to be your role-model, repeatedly say you’ll never be good enough. Having the person you’re always suppose to be perfect to, always believe that you were never beautiful because of scars you had. Having … Continue reading

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