July 12: Singular Sensation

July 12: Singular Sensation

I’ll sometimes go back and do prompts again over time. The date in the title is the date the prompt is under in the PDF of prompts from Daily Post. Check it out if you ever need prompts!

I started writing mainly to vent. I got my thoughts down on paper. I got to say things I would never dare to even think in public. In that moment, wherever I was, I was being who I really was. I got to be myself.

After now sharing my pieces, putting myself out there, I want to get some sort of message out there. I want to show people that they aren’t alone in fights they think only they know. I want to have people realize there will be people out there to help them even in the darkest times. This world has billions of people. There is always someone out there for you. There are actual friends who will be by your side. There will be someone who understands, who stands by your side and fights for you, etc. I want people to get hope and have faith that everything will be somehow okay in the end. I want people to have hope in the future and get strength from whatever it might be that’s there.

Every life around us is valuable. I want to put light on someone’s life who might really need it…because everyone will realize, in some point in their life, how hard it is to see nothing but blackness.


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