It’s Been a Year

It’s Been a Year

In all honesty, I’ve never had a friend like her. She’s two years younger than me. She is the exact opposite of me, yet she is so like me at the same time. She’s become one of my closest friend during this pass year. It’s been a year since I met this girl at UCI. Now we are back here, waiting to say “HAPPY ONE YEAR!” to each other.

In my pass years, my close friends have always been boys. (I always got along better with boys. It’s just a fact.) I always found “putting up with” the situations among boys easier than the constant backstabbing and silent competitions amongst girls. I always found that understanding a blunt boy was easier than trying to figure out the real message behind a girl’s mixed signals.

But in the past year with this child, she’s become closer to be than any of my other boys. The guys I always hung around were now never around me. I looked out for this girl, I took care of this girl etc. and I increasingly found myself spending more time with this girl.

I vented to her about my problems. I listened to her talk about hers. We complained about things. We whined about things. We laughed, cried, smiled about things. We were always comfortable around each other. We understood each other without the unneeded words.

And, for the first time, I found that being with her was easier than putting up with some of my boys. I found a friendship I was willing to keep. I found this girl that brought out the better in me.


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