July 14: Well, I Never

July 14: Well, I Never

There are a lot of things I have grown to have done that I would never advise someone else to do. We all have them; those regrets we wished we never have made or the experiences we have that others shouldn’t do. We want to protect them, these people we advise not to follow our footsteps. We want them to have a ‘better life’ than the one we may have had. These regrets and these experiences may not be something we want them to have as well.

Because you have done what we have, we have the experience and the knowledge from that memory.

We might not want to change the fact that we have gone through ‘it’ but we don’t want the ones we love to go through the same. Have dealt with certain situations you learn from them and know better. Through this we advise others to chose a different path and enter a different course.

We know the pain and the suffering we have dealt with. We know the sadness and the guilt we had to feel. We know the regret and the questions we had to go through. We know what comes with having gone through certain experiences. That’s why we don’t want others to have to do the same.

Well, I Never…


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