July 27: From A to Z (2)

July 27: From A to Z (2)

A hurt heart cannot see anything
But the blackness that surrounds, the pain that comes from within,
Cuts that have scarred, and the regrets it keeps making up for itself.
Don’t ever doubt the measurement of pain someone goes through
Even though it might not seem that big of an issue
From your stand point, you aren’t the one dealing with it and
Going through what they are having to put up with.
Having had expectations and high hopes, there
Is nothing that is going through their mind but
Jumbles of thoughts about what they had done wrong, what they should’ve done earlier, or what they should have never even thought of doing. Their heart is broken into pieces badly when all they can said to you is “oh…..
Light doesn’t shine through to their eyes anymore. All they see is darkness and all they feel is the pain they blame themselves for inviting in.
Many go through this every day, yet we underestimate the pain one goes through and continue to put others into these shoes.
Nothing can stop humans for feeling hurt
Other than themselves.
Perfection is something that is impossible to achieve, but the ending of this kind of pain is
Quite achievable.
Right from the start, you don’t play with someone’s heart.
Starting from that first lie, you are making a play that lies and lies come to
Tie a knot where the pain will last.
Under what circumstances is this okay? None.
Very little to none.
We need to learn to appreciate and learn to accept our feelings. Our hurt and pain, our storms and rain can’t just be
X‘ed out from the problem. People go through so many days with a heart heart, a broken heart, a torn heart, a ripped heart, a used heart that need to find a way to make that a healing heart, a mendable heart, a savable heart. This starts with
Zip this way and that, mends those cuts and put back together the broken glass until that heart is whole again. Give it love. Don’t use it. Give it passion and genuine care. Don’t play with it and use it.


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