July 27: From A to Z

July 27: From A to Z

Before my eyes is where he stood
Couldn’t stop thinking about him, was so curious about him
Don’t think I could’ve stopped, because if I could’ve I would
Even when he’s miles away, he’s got my heart
For the longest time I’ve bottled these emotions up
Gone from knowing, to lying to myself, to pretending as if I don’t in front of him
He doesn’t exactly know, but I’m giving him small hints
I don’t want to straight out and say something
Jumping into something we aren’t ready for is the last thing I want
Killing a perfectly good friendship is a nightmare I don’t want to haunt
Life is wonderful when he’s by my side
Many memories we’ve made swirling inside
No one else really matters, everything else just disappears out the doors
Out of excuses to not tell him, but it’s getting really hard
Pretty much gushed up every time I tried and fell back to start
Quitted here and there, never really got all the way through
Ready or not, I have to tell him and get it through
Standing in front of him, all my thoughts go blank
The lines I had planned and the actions I would’ve made fly
Up to the sky where I can’t really reach
Valentine’s is very, very far away; there isn’t really a day
Where I can just confess easily and just tell him the truth. Can’t he just
Xray my brain and heart and know it from the tattoos?
“You mean everything to me and I want you to stay”
Zzzz from sleeping to eating to stressing about the day, I want you to be there with me through my stay


2 thoughts on “July 27: From A to Z

  1. That really expresses how i feel about a girl who just showed up one day… Except i manned up, and told her how i feel.

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