August 1: A House Divided

August 1: A House Divided

A house. Multiple people. Blood related. But not family.

“Blood doesn’t always mean family. Family doesn’t always mean blood.”

Hatred runs deep within the veins of those who live here. Regret, depression, and so forth aren’t that far behind.

The house is divided within itself, yet puts on an act to pretend like they are all together to…’save face’.

Sadly, there is still the belief of ‘saving face’. Everyone does it. But this family does it the best.

Once together. Then broke. Tried to mend, but stayed apart. Forever broken.

The house is divided within itself. One person in his or her own corner of the house. One person doing his or her own business. One person taking care of his or her own things. One person living his or her own life, not caring what happens to the rest of the so-called family.

In their minds, it was never a family…but there are still those who believe that the broken pieces never truly parted ways.


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