August 14: Break the Silence

August 14: Break the Silence

I hate what you’ve done to me. I’ve lived trying to please you even though I knew I would never be that perfect little thing you always wanted.

Now. I’m done.

I’m done trying to make you happy. I know I never will.
I’m done wanting to see you proud of me. I know I never have.
I’m done attempting to be better than “that person’s son/daughter”. I know I’ll never come to compare in your eyes.
I’m done putting on pretty dresses for you. I know I was never beautiful to you.
I’m done getting cut open because you don’t like what you see. I know the pain was for nothing.
I’m done being your puppet. I know you will get bored and throw me aside.
I’m done trying to get your attention. I know you don’t see worth in me.

I. Am. Done. being tortured by someone who never gave a care in what I was, who I was, or what I wanted.

Break the Silence


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