August 18: Helpless

“Let him go!” I ordered one last time.

The man’s devilish smile grew as he held the knife to Vince’s throat, “Or what?”

My fists were clenched by my sides. I knew they were white as snow. I also knew they were bleeding, my nails digging into my skin deeply.

“Just go!” Vince yelled, getting the knife closer to his veins.

“I won’t leave you. You know that.” I growled back.

I felt power run through my arms, my legs, my body. I knew I could do something. I knew this man was bluffing.

Feeling a bit more gutsy, I sprinted forward and kicked the knife out of the man’s hand. Vince’s eyes widened as he glanced back at me only to get pushed forward. I felt the knife’s blade down my arm. Then, something cold against my head.

One arm in the hand of the man. Other arm with a line of blood running down to my fingertips. A cold piece of metal held to my skull.

Why had I never noticed he had a gun on him?!

Suddenly I felt helpless…

“Did you really think it would be that easy?” His voice echoed in my head.



About MysteriesOfLife

“I’m a simple girl.” “You lied. You aren’t simple at all.” “Maybe I’m not. But if I said that, would you have stayed around to figure me out?”
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